UK Newborn Photography – what’s it all about?

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Exquisite Newborn Photography at Alamar

What’s all the fuss about UK Newborn Photography?

The art of Newborn Photography is still relatively new in the UK, and you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. It’s simple: babies are beautiful and everybody loves a newborn. And UK Newborn Photography is a growing trend that you’re going to love!

UK Newborn Photography at its finest!

UK Newborn Photography at its finest!

Before your baby is born, you love it more than you ever thought possible. After your baby is born, you love it even more.

And now for the bad news: your baby is only a newborn for a very brief and fleeting moment.

As your baby grows, you love that growing child, but you will miss that tiny baby fiercely. Newborn photography is an amazing way to capture those fleeting moments of newborn baby perfection.

As you are reading this, perhaps you are pregnant and looking for a newborn photographer.  You may be wondering when to make that call and book your newborn shoot.  You may even be considering a maternity shoot before your baby arrives. When should you arrange that? And who should you choose?

Where do you begin?

I have had the amazing privilege of spending time with countless newborns and their excited new parents. Perhaps you have seen my work? Perhaps I photographed a newborn you know, the baby of a friend or colleague. Perhaps you have seen—and coveted—the photos on their wall. If you haven’t seen enough, like my Facebook page, where you can see many of my famous newborns and their endearing, enduring photographs. I never get enough, thankfully, there are always new newborns to photograph. (Thank you, please keep up the good work!)

Newborn image has received a Merit Award from the Master Photographers Association

Harriet won a UK Newborn Photography Merit Award from the Master Photographers Association!

Don’t you love these newborns? I adore them! Are these the sort of newborn photos that you would love to have hanging on your own wall?

My clients are among my favorite people in the world. Take a look at what they have to say about their experience working with Alamar Photography here. Can you imagine your own newborn, looking as fresh and perfect as these? With their tiny toes, their perfect little mouths, their eyelashes, those incredibly intricate fingers. I would love to speak with you about your own perfect newborn. If you are interested, the next step is to give me a call on 01366 500150 or complete this Contact Form.  We should chat. I may not love your newborn quite as much as you, but I can assure you, I will capture your love for that baby in newborn photographs you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Your child is only a newborn for a fraction of a second, in the grand scheme of things. You can’t wait to meet the new addition to your growing family, and neither can I. Let’s get together and preserve those memories in gorgeous, artistic, deeply personal newborn photography.

What about your Maternity Photo Shoot?

Exceptional Maternity Photography at Alamar

Sometimes it’s the simple images that mean the most.

When you call to book your Newborn Photography session this is also a great time to discuss your maternity shoot.  Our maternity shoots normally take place about 34 – 36 weeks into your pregnancy. You want to maximize that baby-bump, while still being comfortable and mobile. You will love these photos for the rest of your life!

When should we do this?

Newborn shoots are normally within the first 14 days after birth. This is the ideal time, and it’s a very brief window. As your baby grows and gets used to more space outside the womb they begin to ‘unfurl’ and stretch their little limbs. They get more wiggly, more independent, and it may no longer be possible to move them into all of the beautiful, cute, squishy, curled up newborn poses that we all love.

They are only this tiny for a very short time and you simply can’t go back and take these type of images later.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t still take some beautiful images of your baby after that first fortnight, but you should be aware that it may not be possible for your baby to achieve all the poses that you see in the perfect newborn photos. There is never a bad time to photograph a baby, or a child – or you, for that matter! If your baby is a little older you should still give us a call on 01366 500150 and we can have a chat about when to photograph them at the stage they’re in.

What happens when you arrive for your newborn photography shoot?

Qualified professional master photographer

Baby smiles just melt your heart

The first thing you need to is feed your baby!  Newborns like to eat little and often, and since their tiny tummies are only about the size of a walnut, they don’t like to go too long between meals.

Once baby is well fed, I will then start to soothe your baby until they fall into a peaceful sleep.  This is mum’s time to relax and just watch while I take all those gorgeous newborn images that made you choose me as your newborn photographer.

The photo shoot is on your baby’s schedule, which means that they are in charge of the timing, so we work to their rhythm.  If your baby boy or girl wants to stop for a snack or even just a cuddle – that’s exactly what we do!  This makes it a little difficult to determine exactly how long you will be in the studio for your newborn photo shoot.  It can be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on how easily your baby falls into a deep sleep, how many times we stop to top up feeds and how many cuddles your tiny newborn baby wants on the day. We’re all on newborn time.

Can you include images with mum & dad and siblings in a newborn baby photography shoot?

Welcome to the world little one

Welcome to the world little one

Of course! I would absolutely encourage you to do this.  Those initial few weeks with your newborn baby are so special and they will never be this tiny again you absolutely should be photographed with them!  When we chat about your newborn shoot, if you have older children, we will discuss how they can be included in the photo shoot with their new little brother or sister.

What happens after your newborn baby photography shoot?

Around 2 weeks after your newborn photography shoot you will return to the studio to view your baby’s photos. I will have retouched them a little to smooth out skin and get the colours just right. This is when you will have some decisions to make. Which your baby’s images your want to have as stunning wall art to hang in your home and which ones you may prefer to put into one of our gorgeous hand made Italian albums with it’s exquisite personalised box? You may even decide to have a few smaller images for the grandparents, who will be as excited as you to cherish these beautiful images forever. However you decide to preserve your images, I’m sure that they will be loved and treasured forever.

If this all sounds like exactly what you are looking for just give me a call on 01366 500150 and we can have that chat about your maternity and newborn baby photography shoot.


Exquisite Newborn Photography at Alamar

They are only this tiny for a very short time.

Margaret is a Qualified member of the Guild of Newborn and Baby Photographers

Margaret is a Qualified member of the Guild of Newborn and Baby Photographers

Newborn Baby Photographer BANPAS Member

Margaret is a member of the Baby and Newborn Photographer Association (BANPAS)

Margaret is a Qualified member of the Master Photographers Association

Margaret is a Qualified member of the Master Photographers Association

Children’s Photography with Twins = Double Trouble!

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Children's Photography with Twins portrait photo shootChildren’s Photography with twins is twice as fun in the studio – double the trouble double the fun!

I first photographed J&E back in 2014 when they came busting through the doors of the Alamar Photography studio with mum & dad in tow. All 4 joined me for a family portrait shoot, but it quickly became a Twin Boys Photo Bonanza!

The boys were 2 years old and chock full of energetic fun, so you can imagine it was a challenge to get them both to stay still for more than a few seconds. But in the end, they gave a stellar performance, resulting in fabulous images that highlight their vibrant personalities, their similarities and their differences.

When they came back to the studio this year shortly before their 3rd birthday it was fabulous to see just how much they had changed and how their relationship with each other had developed.

Children's Photography with Twins portrait photo shoot

Their mum called to book their next shoot and she shared what she wanted from the boys photographs.  The images were a surprise present for her husband, and she had picked out brilliant matching outfits which she really wanted to include in theChildren's Photography with Twins portrait photo shootshoot.  Beige chinos, a white shirt, braces & flat caps – straight out of a Hovis Advert. I immediately began to visualise how to make these outfits really work in a beautiful set of children’s portrait images. Together, I think we make a pretty great team. Don’t you?

Children's Photography with Twins family portrait photo shootWe learned in the previous family photo shoot that I had to prepare well and shoot quickly. When the boys arrived at the studio on their big day, I was all set up and ready for the first set of images. Thanks to my consultation with mum, I knew exactly what sort of images I was producing.  We had discussed the background (a soft coffee colour) and the finish of the final images (sepia toned), giving a vintage feel that was totally different to the style of the previous years shoot. 2014 was high key with bright colours and a more casual style of photography, 2015 was an entirely different look.

The boys were fabulous and as they bounced off each other so well getting smiles was certainly not an issue in this photoshoot.  When we finished shooting I just knew that we had created a fabulous set of images that mum & dad were going to love now, and the whole family would enjoy for years to come.  The boys interacted beautifully, making the bond and love they had for each other so obvious, both in person and in the photographs.

I can’t wait to see them again later this year.

Children's Photography with Twins portrait photo shoot at Alamar Photography


Alamar’s MPA National Award Winning Image!

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MPA National Award Winning Image Merit Award Annual Master Photographers Association MPA National Awards Newborn Alamar Photography

Raise your hand if you’ve ever won an award!

Of course every child I photograph is special in its own unique ways. To me, every one is a winner. I put my very best into each photo, so that each parent can see their newborn baby in the most amazing way, with gorgeous images of their newborn adorning the walls in their home.

The judges at the MPA (Master Photographers Association) have selected this beautiful newborn image to receive a Merit Award and to go forward to the National Final of Newborn Photographer of The Year 2015. I’m thrilled to be honoured with such a prestigious award.

That’s right – I’ve made it into the National Finals!

So many brilliant, talented artists have entered these prestigious National Awards, I am amazed, excited and so humbled that my image has been chosen to progress to the finals!  Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for this beautiful Newborn Baby Image of Harriet who was just 7 days old for her photoshoot.

Merit Award Winning Image of Harriet-Harriet’s mum first came to the studio for her maternity shoot in March, and we had a fabulous time creating amazing images of her pregnancy.  It was Juliette’s first pregnancy and she was understandably nervous when she first arrived at the studio. Once we got into the session she relaxed and started to really enjoy her photo shoot. As Juliette was very near baby Harriet’s arrival date, we took things very slowly. I wanted to ensure that our mother-to-be remained perfectly comfortable and didn’t get over tired or weary. We had a truly beautiful time.

Little Harriet was born in May and her mum & dad brought her back to the studio when she was just 7 days new!  She was an absolute delight to have in the studio–the camera loved this gorgeous little girl–and it was at the very end of her newborn shoot that she and I created the award winning image.

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in the life of a woman – and in the life of her child. The bond between mother and child is something that I have spent years thinking about, photographing, and I still don’t fully grasp all its wonder. I just want to capture that emotion in my maternity photography. I want all the parents and all the children in the world to be able to look back at this rare and beautiful time and remember the significance of their mothers. The significance of the sacrifice and the love and the joy of it all. I want that hanging on the wall of every family’s home.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?


Newborn Baby

ANewborn Baby Photographynd after the pregnancy shoot comes the newborn baby photo session. This is such a fleeting time in the life of a person; you were only this perfect, this tiny, this sweet for a few very short months. Those first 7-14 days make for some of the most amazing newborn photos. Those squishy, curly, cuddly, sleepy little photos are the absolute best.

If we capture those moments, and hang them on your wall, you and your child will see them and love those moments, those memories, forever.

And as your child grows up, you will be so proud of their progress, their growth, and you will be able to mark the subtle changes as they mature.

I will be attending the MPA Awards Dinner this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for the finals!7 Day old Newborn baby image

Alamar is All About Family Photography in Norfolk & Kings Lynn

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We love when families entrust their photography to us!

Alamar Family Photography in Norfolk

Special family moment, frozen and framed forever.

Recently, we had the privilege of photographing 2 gorgeous sisters. And to make it so much more fun and memorable, Eloise & Hallie brought their mum and dad to the studio to join in on the experience.

The girls kept me on my toes throughout the entire shoot! They were so energetic and playful! It’s actually quite a relief to see them captured in still-life, framed on their parents’ wall!

When I sat down to edit their images, clicking and working away, I paused to remember how, sometimes, the simplest images are the most powerful.  Here’s my favourite image of Eloise.

Alamar Family Photography in Norfolk & Kings Lynn

Family isn’t just the most important thing… It’s everything.

As I was looking at these family images, my mind wandered, as it often does, to how important photography is to me and how I cherish the many images I have of my own children and grandchildren.  I am constantly warning my children to print their images! We all take loads of images of our children, but so many of them are only ever digital, and never become a physical print—never make it to a wall, to a frame, to a wallet even!

Technology moves so fast now that in a few years it may not be possible to access the images you have on your mobile phone and computer. How many of you remember Floppy Discs? If you do, have you kept them? And more importantly, could you access them if you needed to?

No. You couldn’t.

There is no way to predict the future; the only thing you can know is that it will be different. When Floppies were replaced by CDs, we migrated files to CD…and next to USB Flash Drives…and what will come after USB? No idea. But it will certainly be replaced by the Next Big Thing.

How will you access all those beautiful images you purchased from your photographer on CD or USB in the future?

No idea.

However, what I do know is that I still have photographs of my grandparents taken around 1902. I can still see clearly what they looked like. I can show my children and grandchildren and explain our family history. Because back in 1902, they knew how to print a photo!

Technology will continue to evolve; the new and modern will become the old and obsolete. But I am pretty sure that pictures which are printed, framed and hung on walls – these will survive the next 100 years for families to enjoy and talk about and remember, no matter what replaces the USB.

Alamar Family Photography in Norfolk

It’s an honour to see our photographs on your wall – and a delight to see your children!

Face of Alamar Children’s Photo Contest – Free Photo Shoot

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Children's Photography Competition - Alamar Photography

Joint winners of Little Face of Alamar 2014 were two beautiful redheads, who could easily have been mistaken for sisters!

Face of Alamar Children’s Photo Contest searches for the next Little Face of Alamar Photography!

Free-to-enter-childrens-competition4No one loves your children as much as you. But I take a close second place. It has been my privilege to photograph countless kids, and I love them all. Every year, I begin the search to find the Little Face of Alamar Photography. One little star will embody the beauty of childhood, the joy, the curiosity, the love of life. And that little star will be our public face for the next year.

It begins with registering your Little Face for their photo shoot, beginning 1st October, with shoots taking place between 19th & 30th October. All children 5 years and under on 31st December 2015 are invited to participate, and the winner will be announced 31st December 2015.

The Face of Alamar Children’s Photo Contest winner will be featured in our advertising and promotional literature, both in print and online during the 2016 calendar year. They will be The Little Face of Alamar Photography!

The winner will also receive a £500 Family Portrait session, including a stunning 24″ Canvas Wall Portrait for your home.Free-to-enter-childrens-competition5

All shoots will be held between Monday 19th and Friday 30th October 2015 at Alamar Photography Studio. There are a limited number of spaces available between 10am & 4pm each day.

The competition is completely Free to enter! However, as spaces are very limited and demand is high, there is a refundable booking fee of £25 to guarantee your appointment.

Winner will receive: A Family Portrait experience of 1 hour in the studio and their favourite image from that shoot as a 24inch Canvas Wall Portrait worth £500.

All Entrants will receive: Free 20 minute mini-portrait experience including a mini print.

Full details can be found HERE.  Register with your details and we will call you (or call the studio on 01366 500150) to book your child’s mini-session contest entry. There are a limited number of sessions available so make sure you get in touch now to avoid disappointment on 01366 500150.

Every Picture Tells A Story – Is Your Family Story Being Told?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Qualified Professional Master Photographer

Boys just want to have fun!


Beautiful Children's photography at Alamar

Every picture tells a story. And every family story is worth telling!  These photographs hang in my home.  Each time I look at them I remember the beautiful moment shared between my son and grandson and it makes me smile.  As my son lives miles away, I captured these images the last time they came to visit – my grandson grows so fast, I wanted to remember him as a 2 year old.

When I come downstairs each morning, the first thing I see, as I make my morning coffee are these photos, hanging above the sofa in my dinning room …. they never fail to brighten my mornings as I can still hear Joey’s laughter as he played with his daddy in the studio.  Then I remember the way my son Arran watched over his little boy as we took more photos … I am a very proud mother.  I can’t help pausing to relish the pleasure they both took in spending time with each other.  I love these boys so much!

Qualified Professional Master Photographer

Seeing these photographs every morning gives me a lovely warm glow inside and and reminds me of so Father and son in Studio at Alamar Photographymany other great memories of family time spent with my son and grandson.  Not just time spent, time invested.

Photographs are so powerful and evoke such emotion!   It’s one of the reasons I became a photographer, to create lasting memories for every mother, father, grandma and grandad.  I want others to have beautiful heirloom photographs to treasure and pass on to the next generation.  Look up right now, are your walls, shelves and mantelpieces adorned with beautiful memories?

It may be a hackneyed phrase, but ‘a picture can say a thousand words’!

Take time to pause each day to laugh, reflect and remember your family when you enter your own living room or hallway, what nicer way to make yourself smile!

If you would like me to create memories for your family that you can pass on to the next generation, please give me call. Your family shoot captures your family’s story—for you and for them.  Call me today, let’s talk about your options.  01366 500150

Famlily in the studio at Alamar Photography

All smiles now!


Famlily in the studio at Alamar Photography

What grandma wouldn’t just love this image of their son and grandson?

3 Things I Wish I Someone Had Told Me Before I Had My 1st Baby!

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My newborn baby sessions can last up to 4 hours and this is because I work at your baby’s pace. If your baby needs a cuddle or a feed we stop and let them have one, life is just simpler that way.

My tiny clients have an agenda of their own, which takes no account of what I had planned so I simply follow their agenda; life is just easier that way.

While babies are being fed and soothed I have lots of time to chat to parents about the wonderful and amazing experience of having a newborn baby in the house, listen to the familiar tales of sleep deprivation and their total joy at having the responsibility of looking after this gorgeous, captivating, tiny new life.

This made me realize that although my children are now grown up, very little has changed in the world of newborn babies so I though I would share with you my top 3 things I wish someone had told me when I had my first baby.

Qualified Professional Master Photographer

Sometimes you just have to smile.


Now this is by far the most helpful thing I needed to know!

No matter what the latest ‘What To Expect From Your Newborn Baby” book says, your teeny, weeny brand new baby hasn’t read it! So  whatever your expectations are of your newborn baby, I’m afraid your baby is blissfully unaware of them, so don’t expect them to stick to the manual.

So while I have planned their Newborn Photo Shoot and know exactly what I want to achieve your baby has no idea and therefore everything changes to their agenda when they reach the studio and I fall in line with how they want to do things. This is why it can take up to 4 hours but sometimes the baby and I are ‘right on message’ and we are done in around 2 hours.


Since the timing decision is your baby’s and not mine come to the studio prepared for the long haul:- bringing plenty of spare nappy’s, a dummy for your baby (even if you don’t normally use one as this can help your baby settle quicker for the time they are in the studio) and of course plenty of bottles if you are bottle feeding.

Qualified professional master photographer

Baby smiles just melt your heart


I have always felt that it seemed very unfair that at a time when you are already exhausted from broken sleep during your 3rd Trimester, followed by the physical exertion of actually giving birth to this tiny new person, you now have to look after your newborn baby who has no idea that you need to sleep at night.

Your baby’s body rhythms are much simpler. They need to be fed when they are hungry, changed when they are wet, cuddled when they are lonely, burped when they are windy and wrapped up when they are cold. Night and day mean nothing to your new little buddle of joy.



So just like me when I’m creating those exquisite, curly images of your baby in the studio, you have to adopt their plan. If this means taking the phone off the hook, not answering the door, ignoring the fact that the carpet needs hoovering then that’s exactly what you need to do as it is important that you learn to grab sleep when your baby is asleep. I know you would prefer to sleep at night but when you have a newborn baby you just need to sleep, as an exhausted parent is not what your baby is after.

Qualified Professional Master Photographer

Every baby girl want to be a princess


When my childrens grandparents came to visit I made the same mistake as everyone else and breathed an exhausted sigh and went off to make a drink and some sandwiches for them while they cooed over their beautiful new grandchild. What I should have done was said “it’s lovely to see you, I really need an hours sleep, you know where everything is please help yourself and bond with your new grandchild” and ran off to the sanctuary of my bedroom. You don’t need a straight 8 hours you just need a little power nap to boost your energy reserves. When you return to the lounge, an hour or so later, you will be ready to be ‘supermum’ again and in the future you will really looked forward to grandma’s visits rather than dreading them. Believe me, I know this, as I am now a grandma, grandparents really love spending time on their own with their grandchildren even if it’s just for an hour and they are perfectly capable of pushing a pram or buggy to give you that nap.


So remember when you bring your newborn baby to the studio it’s OK to sit on the sofa and just relax while you watch me settle your baby for their photo shoot. If dad comes with you I will even have him act as my assistant so he is involved – but for mum it’s precious relaxation time, please take advantage of it.

I look forward to welcoming you and your newborn baby to the studio soon.

If you would like to book your newborn photo shoot or simply to have a chat about how I work please pick up the phone and call me on 01366 500150.

Guild of Photographers Qualified Member   Newborn Baby Photographer BANPAS Member   Guild of Photographers Newborn Baby Qualified

Qualified member of the Master Photographers Association

Why Asda wasn’t quite correct . And Boots was just plain wrong.

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I wonder if you saw the article last week about the ASDA store who refused to release printed images of a couples newborn baby because they looked “too professional”? (If you haven’t read it you can read the article now).

This story certainly caused a stir and lots of debate around who owns the copyright of images that have taken by a professional photographer and I though it was worth sharing the truth about copyright in the UK with you today.

The issue as Adsa saw it was whether or not the parents owned the ‘copyright’ to the images of their daughter. Whilst I applaud Asda for their vigilance, and they were almost correct, what they really should have been looking for was the license with permission to print ‘for personal use only’ provided by the photographer (even though the photographer was a friend).

 At Alamar Photography Studio, customers who purchase digital images have this embedded into the images and I regularly get phone calls from local printers to check that it is OK for them to print my images as my contact details are also embedded in the images and easy for the printers to see.

The article also said ‘They had no problem having the images printed at Boots’ which is just wrong. Boots hopefully have now put procedures in place to ensure that their staff are fully aware of the copyright laws and the implication to their company if they do not check this when printing images that they believe have been produced by Professional Photographers.

In the UK copyright belongs to the person who ‘presses the shutter’ and while there is a common misconception that as you have paid for and received your images digitally you can do anything you wish with them and that is definitely not the case.

Specialist Newborn Baby & Children's Photographer

Newborn Baby Photographer based in West Norfolk, East Anglia.

Q:        So if you purchase digital images from your photographer what have you bought?

A:         Digital images with the photographers permission to print ‘for personal use only’

Q:        What does that mean?

A:         While there is the common assumption that as you have paid for and received your images, you own the copyright and can do anything you wish with your images, that is

certainly not the case.

Q:        So what does purchasing digital images with the photographers permission to print ‘for personal use only’ mean?

A:         This means that you can make as many printed copies of your digital images as you want in any size you wish. You can design and print an album with them, you can print a

huge canvas with them, you can print them on birthday cards, you can make coaster or cushions from them, you can put them in your key fob.

Q:        So what can’t you do with your photographs without breaking copyright law?

A:         Use any photo editing software to change or edit the images.

Sell them in any form or use them commercially such as in advertising.

Upload them online without displaying the photographers watermark or crediting the photographer but mentioning their name as the person who took your beautiful


Enter your images into any sort of photo competitions or gain financially from them.

Claim them as your own work.

So, “printing rights only”, really does mean all you can do with your images is print them.

Copyright Law also applies to any Wall Art, Prints or Albums that you purchase from your photographer and it is illegal to copy, scan, photograph or reproduce these in any way.

I’m sure lots of you will have been reading this thinking that if this couple have the images on their USB then surely they have bought them. Unfortunately this is not always true as some people photograph, copy or scan the prints they have bought, screengrab images from photographers websites, crop out watermarks and ‘steal’ the photographs from the photographer all of which is illegal!

The only thing Asda got wrong was they should have been looking for ‘permission to print’, from the Photographer not a ‘transfer of the copyright’ to the client.

So the staff at Asda really were doing their job correctly and Asda should be very proud of that. Well done Asda.

Newborn Baby Photography

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Maternity and Newborn Baby Photography

Maternity and Newborn Baby Pictures at Alamar Photography

As a Newborn Baby and Family Photographer based near King’s Lynn in West Norfolk and within easy reach of Swaffham, Ely, Marham, Downham Market and the surrounding villages, I am often asked why I love baby photography, as most people know the old saying of never work with animals or children.  The answer to that question is, for me, very simple I love children!

There is nothing more wonderful that being allowed to photograph a Newborn Baby in the first 14 days of it’s life.  At this age they are beautiful, squishy and brand new to the world. With most of my Newborn Photo shoots I have already met mum and dad when they came to the studio for their Maternity pictures (usually taken when mum is between 34 – 36 weeks pregnant) so they already know me, where the studio is and how to get here.

As most of our baby’s come back to the studio 3 or 4 times before they reach school age it is wonderful to watch them grow from a helpless newborn baby to a mischievous toddler then a boisterous independent child.

Children fascinate me and after raising a large family of my own I have seen most things at least once however they are all individuals with their own natures and you have to work to gain their trust.  When you do you are rewarded with the most fantastic expressions that are totally unique to them.

My purpose build child friendly studio creates a wonderful safe space with plenty of free parking where parents can relax and children can have fun and enjoy their Newborn Baby or Family shoot experience.

If you want to book you Newborn, Baby or Family photoshoot or just want to find out more please email me at : or give me a call on 01366 500150 or fill in our contact form here: and I will call you back.

Newborn Photography

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There is something very special about Newborn Photography.  This little lady arrived in the world 2 weeks after her due date oblivious to how impatient her mum and dad were to meet her.

She arrived at the studio for her Newborn Shoot 7 days later and was the most perfect model!  She arrived just before her next feed was due but was still verrrry sleeeeeepy, so instead of settling down to feed her we decided to start her photoshoot and stop when she woke up.  Well, Harriet slept soundly for the next 2 hours while I set up one beautiful shot after an other and she totally rocked them all.     As you can see from this stunning Canvas she was perfectly snug and happy taking it all in her stride.  Well done Harriet!

If you are expecting a baby and would like to have stunning newborn images like this of your precious little bundle get in touch as soon as possible.  Most of my clients book just after their 20 week scan and we schedule a newborn baby shoot based on your due date but this is easily changed for early and late arrivals.

Newborn Baby Photography

Baby Harriet rocks her Newborn Shoot